The Cooperative School of Communication aims to create an educational setting for students to learn how to use audiovisual and radio broadcasting tools to produce content for community media.


  • To strengthen social communication skills at the individual and community levels by teaching the use of tools that streamline the introduction of new actors in this discipline.
  • To achieve full compliance of the Argentine Law of Audiovisual Communication Services through educational activities that enable the human right to communication.
  • To support community broadcasting media and regional popular communicators.



Completed Projects

Radio Workshop: “Community Outreach Tools”. Taking place in 2014, it was aimed at strengthening the skills of the participants with community outreach tools, namely those related to radio broadcasting.

Radio Workshop for Teens and Young Adults. Held in the summer of 2015, this workshop was aimed at promoting the exercise of the right of expression among teens and young adults interested in developing their own radio programs.

Activity: “Rights on Air”. Celebrated in February 2015 with the support of the “Office for the Protection of Audiences of Audiovisual Communication Services”, it dealt with topics such as the rights of audiences and the responsibilities of broadcasting media.

Community Outreach Workshop: “Strengthening collective production practices”. Implemented in 2015 as part of the University Program for Audiovisual Communications of Argentina, it included the following topics: “Production of radio programs”, “Institutional Communications for Social Organizations” and “Free software tools for community broadcasting”.