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To strengthen local and regional development and identity by generating community broadcasting spaces and collective initiatives that foster social inclusion; and to promote the democratization of access to information, services and cultural assets, contributing to the full exercise of human rights, Viarava Productions works from the following spaces:

Entre Mate y Mate, daily news radio show with local and regional coverage. Music, interviews, news reports and all the daily updates for Punilla Valley, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for FM del Sol – 88.9Mhz – 90.3Mhz

CDM Noticias, Capilla del Monte news agency. News portal that promotes the work of popular communicators in the collective construction of updated news reports on politics, economy, culture, environment, human rights, etc.

Crece la voz, a healthy lifestyle radio show that promotes the sustainable development of the local community by fostering agroecological farming and permaculture, especially in regional family and community settings.

Tierra fértil: short radio news item aimed at sharing the activity of family agriculture specialists and producers in the province and fostering family agriculture in the region.

Uritorco Radio: We are currently working to put Uritorco Radio on air, a community broadcasting radio cooperatively managed to guarantee the human right to communication for all social actors in Capilla del Monte and the Punilla region.