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The Uritorco Libre team seeks to uphold and promote human rights in digital media by spreading the use of free software to end users, educational institutions and social organizations, teaching them how to use these and assisting them in the technical aspects of the migration to operating systems based on GNU/Linux and compatible applications. In addition, this activity is part of the promotion of “free licenses” as a paradigm to generate collaborative knowledge for public participation.



  • To promote free cultural development of the community in order to increase democratization of society.
  • To foster the use of software tools that cater the needs of end users.


    Completed Projects

    Latin American Free Software Festival in Capilla del Monte: this festival was celebrated both in 2014 and 2015, organized in conjunction with Instituto Dr. Bernardo Houssay and held simultaneously in several Latin American cities. This free software promotional event is the largest of its kind and included the installation of operating systems and applications, as well as lectures and workshops about these tools and the free culture movement.

    Huayra/Linux Workshops in Cruz del Eje: held in 2015 as a training instance of the “Chemistry and Physics Teacher Training Programs” of Esc. Normal de Cruz del Eje, as part of the specific training on the use of free operating systems for education.

    Free Workshop: Audio Editing and Graphic Design with Free Software. The “Community Outreach Workshop” held in 2015 included a unit on Free Software Tools for Community Broadcasting, with specific content for graphic design and sound editing with free software.

    3D Printing and Educational Robotics Workshop. In association with INTI Cruz del Eje, two workshops were held in 2015 about the use and assembly of 3D printers and educational robots, taught by Valentín Basel (Icaro-CONICET Project), one in Capilla del Monte and another in Cruz del Eje.