We are a cooperative-minded labor community who considers local development, culture, society, arts and education as entities that are constantly being built upon, from a perspective that integrates diversity.

Our mission is to strengthen the sustainable development of our local community, by promoting agroecological farming and family agriculture, democratizing culture by managing community broadcasting media and enabling local artistic productions, and contributing to education and social inclusion initiatives.

Our Goals

  • To promote the democratization of access to information, services and cultural assets, contributing to the full exercise of human rights.
  • To strengthen local and regional development and identity by generating community broadcasting spaces and collective initiatives that foster social inclusion.
  • To foster free culture in its different forms of expression facilitating access to distributed and collective communication and information technologies.
  • To promote community education processes that integrate cultural diversity.
  • To contribute to local and regional sustainable development by promoting permaculture.
  • To facilitate institutional communication processes that foster the growth of organizations.